Ex-NBA star Kenny Anderson gives advise to kids in picking school


NBA players, who have retired and started working with kids, they urge the youngsters to pick the right path for themselves, which includes picking a school to attend.

Former NBA star Kenny Anderson, who has been working with children too, has a specific advise to kids that are about to pick school they want to go to.

“Been telling kids this for the longest go to school that fit you and you can showcase your talent not because of the schools tradition,” Anderson wrote on Twitter.

Anderson believes that today, it is enough to be a good player so that a school will get interested in you – no need to intentionally pick a school only due to rich basketball traditions.

“If you are nice in ball they will find you period!,” said Anderson.

Anderson spent 14 seasons in the NBA, appearing in 858 games (693 started), averaging 12.6 ppg, 6.1 apg in 30.1 minutes of playing time.


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