Kobe Bryant destroys Rockets, then hugs Hakeem Olajuwon


Kobe Bryant has already made a decision to retire from the NBA for good, as the injuries has done their part to Bryant’s body, who feels he cannot compete on the same level as he did for so many years.

Despite this, Bryant is far from “done”, and still has it in him as he recently proved in his final game in Houston, dropping 35 points on the Rockets.

Watching Bryant rise above the rest was the Rockets legend, Hakeem Olajuwon.

After the game, which the LA Lakers won, guided by 37-year old Bryant’s 35 points, Olajuwon was among those on the court to congratulate Bryant on his spectacular career.

After the game, Bryant was walking around the court before he spotted Olajuwon walking toward him. Kobe immediately raised his arms, made a quick move toward Olajuwon, and gave him a hug.

“I watched Hakeem so much growing up — so much of him,” Bryant said after the game. “Then be able to come out here and him being generous enough with his time and spend the entire day with him in his house working on footwork, going over every detail in the post, sharing his knowledge with me. Hopefully this generation understands how great he was. Hopefully they go back and watch and appreciate his greatness. I just wanted to thank him.”

By the way, Olajuwon was the one training Bryant back in 2009, when Kobe was looking for some help to improve his game. Olajuwon is known for helping NBA big men with their footwork and Bryant learned a thing or two from the Dream as well.


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