Ex-NBA star believes Kobe Bryant may come back after retiring


Michael Jordan retired from the NBA, following the 1993 NBA season. He then came back, and played  two more unsuccessful seasons with the Washington Wizards.

Some people believe that NBA’s Superstar Kobe Bryant, who said he will retire at the end of the 2015-16 season, will also come back. One of them is Kenny Smith, ex-NBA player and current NBA analyst.

“It is a 60-40 chance that he’s coming back, because his body is going to heal, and he’s still in shape,” Smith told TMZ.

Smith believes that one of the reasons that might push Kobe to come back is the…current players.

“He will look at the other guys and say I am better than them. Especially, if he gets into the ownership,” Smith explained.

“He’s going to think about it, consider it,” Smith said.

Bryant, who helped the LA Lakers win five NBA championships, said in 2015 that he is physically unable to continue playing on the same level as he used to, considering the injuries he has had in the past several seasons.


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