Larry Johnson says black people need their own basketball league


The “Donald Sterling scandal” triggered a lot of various responses around the NBA and beyond it. NY Knicks executive and former player Larry Johnson has recently expressed his own opinion.

Johnson gave a strong reaction to the racially insensitive remarks LA Clippers owner is alleged to have made.

On Saturday night, Johnson tweeted: “Black people your Focusing on the wrong thing. We should be focusing on having our own, Own team own League! To For Self!!’’

The initial indication was Johnson was calling for an all-African-American league complete with black ownership.

On April 25, 2014, TMZ Sports released what it said is an April 9, 2014 audio recording of a conversation between Sterling and his girlfriend or former girlfriend. According to TMZ, Sterling allegedly said in the recording: “It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you’re associating with black people.”

The voice, allegedly of Sterling, also reiterated feelings about his girlfriend bringing African-Americans to games. “Well then, if you don’t feel — don’t come to my games. Don’t bring black people, and don’t come,” Sterling said.

It wasn’t the first time Johnson, who is black, concerned himself with the fact the NBA’s ownership is mostly white while its players are mostly black.

During the 1999 NBA Finals between the Knicks and Spurs, Johnson caused a stir by saying: “We’ve got a lot of rebellious slaves on this [Knicks] team.”

When asked at the time why he referred to his teammates as slaves, Johnson said: “I’ve got to explain that to you? We don’t go with the mainstream.’’

Johnson was hired by the Knicks two years ago and serves many roles as a basketball and business operations representative. It’s unclear what his role will be under new team president Phil Jackson.

Johnson was a two-time NBA All-Star (1993, 1995) played 10 years in the NBA, 5 of them with the Knicks. He averaged double figures in scoring in 9 of his 10 NBA seasons.

Johnson was named to the NBA All-Star team twice, in 1993 and 1995. He averaged his best 15.5 ppg and 5.7 rpg with NYK in 1997-98. He retired after the 2000-2001 season.


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