Magic Johnson answers back to Lebron James

magic-johnson-smilingIn a Wednesday interview with Fox Sports 1, LeBron James offered his opinion on who were the three greatest NBA players of all time.

After a quick pause, James stated that his top three were Larry Bird, Julius Irving, and Michael Jordan.

James did ask for a fourth choice (in which he selected Magic Johnson), but with the comments not even a day old, the Lakers great took to twitter to defend his place in NBA history.

After showering the King with praise, the current ESPN and ABC analyst esentially pointed to the scorebord by claiming that the most difinitive benchmark for NBA greats is one’s number of championship rings.

Johnson then presumably ranked his all time list by putting Jordan first with six titles, himself second with five, and finally slotting Bird third with his three.

Of course if you were using Johnson’s ranking criteria then Magic’s own teammate and the NBA’s all-time leading scorer, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar would actually be in the number two spot.

“Lebron is entitled to his opinion, but I still think that he and I have a similar game and that’s why I LOVE to watch him play!,” Johnson tweeted.

“NBA Championship rings are all that matter; Jordan 6, Me 5, Bird 3, LeBron 2 and Dr. J 1,” he said.

Johnson’s career achievements include three NBA MVP Awards, nine NBA Finals appearances, twelve All-Star games, and ten All-NBA First and Second Team nominations.

He led the league in regular-season assists four times, and is the NBA’s all-time leader in average assists per game, at 11.2. He played in 906 NBA games, holding career averages of 19.5 ppg, 11.2 apg and 7.2 rpg in 36.7 minutes per game.

Johnson was a member of the “Dream Team”, the U.S. basketball team that won the Olympic gold medal in 1992. He also is a 5-time NBA Champion.

It’s a great debate to be sure, but the real answer is that there is no one definitive way to determine who the three greatest players are. Both men are all-time great’s of the NBA and have earned their right to judge their peers place in history.


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