Magic Johnson says Lakers should’ve hired Phil Jackson as head coach

Apparently, former NBA player, legendary Lakers guard Magic Johnson was not really happy with his former team recently signing Mike D’Antoni as the team’s head coach instead of Phil Jackson.

Jackson coached the Lakers through 11 years, leading the team to 5 NBA championships.

As of now, Jackson has a 70 percent regular season winning percentage for regular season games for his carrer (coached 1640 games total).

Just 5 games into the season, the Lakers fired team’s former head coach Mike Brown just after 5 games, and after negotiating with both Jackson and D’Antoni, signing the deal with the latter.

D’Antoni has been given a 3-year deal by the Lakers. He has 10 years of NBA coaching experience, having coached the New York Knicks for 4 straight seasons (2008-2012).

Magic Johnson broke his silence on Wednesday, expressing his thoughts on the team’s decision, and his reply was not exactly a positive one.

“The reason I haven’t tweeted in 2 days is because I’ve been mourning Phil Jackson not being hired as the Lakers head coach,” Johnson said to his followers on Twitter.

Prior to the Lakers making a decision. Johnson said he would have loved to see Jackson, Pat Riley or Brian Shaw as head coaches of the Lakers.


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