Marbury: Jordan’s shoes made in China for $5, but sold to kids for $200

marbury-jordanFormer NBA player Stephon Marbury is sure to cause some response, following his latest comments regarding Michael Jordan.

Marbury, who has been playing in China after his NBA career was over, is getting ready to re-launch his own line of shoes – “Starbury”, and he took a jab at those Michael Jordan is making.

“Home boy your paying 200 for Jordan’s and they make them for 5 dollars. The shoes are made in China in the same places,” Marbury said on Twitter.

“Jordan has been robbing the hood since. Kids dying for shoes and the only face this dude makes is I don’t care,” added Marbury.

Marbury was selling his “Starbury” brand shoes for $15 a pair in 2006, according to SBNation, but it came to an end in 2009, and now former NBA star is making another try.

Marbury had a roller-coaster NBA career in which he was twice named as an All-Star but also endured a string of disappointing stints with several NBA teams.

With his NBA options becoming limited, Marbury decided in 2010 to head for China in hopes of jump-starting his career.

He would go on to win multiple championships in China, and became a local hero there. Marbury had said previously that he plans to finish his pro career in China.

Marbury was a 2-time All-Star in the NBA, averaging 19.3 ppg, 7.6 apg in 846 career NBA games (816 started).


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