Metta World Peace: Right now, I am life coaching a lot of NBA people

metta-world-peace-backFormer NBA player Metta World Peace (formerly – Ron Artest) has kept himself busy, playing in summer basketball tournaments, spreading the word about his new clothing line (Panda’s Friend), and hoping to comeback to the NBA.

Speaking with ESPN, World Peace said he dreams of coaching one day, as he believes he could do it.

“Right now, I’m life coaching a lot of people that are in the NBA. I can’t say [who]. But I coach a couple players. But it’s not a thing where I’m going to hide and be that perfect mentor. I just give them the best advice I can and live my life accordingly. I’m doing that now and one day I would love to coach.”

Regarding the LA Lakers, where Peace spent the last season, he said “The Lakers are tatooed” in his heart.

“They gave me a second chance when everyone was down on me, they gave me a chance to win a ring. The city of Los Angeles, they put up with me. Because in our world, the world of corporate basketball, you should act accordingly, you know? And I don’t like to act accordingly. I’m just trying to be authentic. I’m trying, as much as possible, to keep that if I coach one day,” he said.

When asked if he still plans to play in the NBA next season, Peace was short to reply: “Absolutely”.

“I’m waiting for teams. I can still play. I can play, it’s not even a question… So if I don’t play, like this year on the Lakers I could have averaged 15 or 20 on the Lakers if I played, easily. But you know, I’ll be supportive [if I don’t play]. But the only thing that gets me frustrated with the whole basketball is people think I can’t play anymore. But when the season’s over, then I like to explain that I can play, and I can bust people’s ass. But the fans have to understand, it’s not up to me. It’s so frustrating to keep hearing it from the fans. ‘Come back to New York, come to Chicago. Why didn’t you play.’ It’s so frustrating at times,” he said.

World Peace played 35 games (5 started) for the LA Lakers this last season, averaging 5 ppg and 2.5 rpg in 16.9 mpg.


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