Michael Jordan recalls dunking on Ewing, acknowledges Olajuwon’s skills

michael-jordan-50Not long ago, a video from 2K Sports was released, promoting NBA 2K14 in which Michael Jordan spoke about whom he’d play one on one, current NBA, players who influenced his career, why he wore number 23, and so on.

Second part of Jordan’s interview was released yesterday, where legendary Chicago Bulls guard talks about a number of things, including his favorite dunk, and his favorite kicks and so on.

Jordan spoke about the players he would want to play alongside him.

“What four guys would I pick so I could stay with basketball… Scottie Pippen for sure, Magic Johnson, James Worthy and Hakeem Olajuwon, and I got no chance of losing. None at all,” Jordan said.

Further, Jordan saidwhy he picked legendary Houston Rockets center for his team.

“Olajuwon, he was in top 10 in 5 categories – steals, rebounds, block shots, scoring and shooting percentage. To have a guy of his size, to be in top ten in steals, shows the type of a guy he really was,” Jordan said.

Hakeem Olajuwon established himself as an unusually skilled offensive player for a big man, perfecting a set of fakes and spin moves that became known as his trademark Dream Shake. He led the Houston Rockets to back-to-back NBA championships in 1994 and 1995.

In 2008, he was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Olajuwon is a 12-time NBA All-Star, and has been named the 1994 NBA MVP. He is considered one of the greatest centers ever to play the game. Some say, he was the best. Olajuwon played in 1238 NBA games (1186 started), averaging 21.8 ppg, 11.1 rpg, 2.5 apg and 3.1 bpg in 35.7 minutes of action.

Speaking of his favorite kicks, Jordan said it is like comparing which one of “your kids you love the most”.

“Elevens are my favorite, threes are my next favorite, and probably twelve and thirteen come in third,” he said. “I always wore a brand new pair of shoes every game. So you’d figure at the beginning of the season and towards the end of the season, I’d be gone through a 150 pairs of shoes. And the reason I chose to do that is because when you put on new shoes every time, you feel energetic, and I wanted that feeling every game.”

Then Jordan revealed what were his two most favorite dunks. One of those was on his long-time friend, who also played in the NBA.

“My most memorable dunk that I think about very very often is the Patrick Ewing dunk. And its only because Patrick and I are such great friends,” Jordan said. “I dunked so hard on him, it’s unbelievable. Every time I see him, that’s  the first thing I remind him of.”

The other one that Jordan recalled was on one of the best defensive centers of the league.

“The other one would probably be Mutombo..with the finger. He knew it was coming. He did it to everybody. He did it in everybody’s building. Me and Scottie got him back to back. Scottie got him first and then I got him. But he blocked so many shots, and if you’re a shot blocker it doesn’t bother you, just wait  for the next opportunity. I am sure he got me back at some point in time. But to be able to do that to him, that was gratifying,” Jordan said.

In the end, talking about why he wore number 23, Jordan said it all started in high-school.

“In high-school my favorite number was 45. And my brother’s favorite number was 45. And we’re on the same team. So, he had seniority, and he had an option to wear 45, so I figured 23 was like a half of 45, and it stuck with me the whole time,” Jordan said.


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