Michael Jordan to bring back “Charlotte Hornets” team with original colors

charlotte-hornetsMichael Jordan, the owner of the Charlotte Bobcats said theĀ  team will switch to purple and teal as its main colors when it changes its name to the Hornets next season, SportsExchange reported.

It will also be accented by black, gray and light blue as secondary colors. It is the same color scheme the team used from 1988-2002 before it moved to New Orleans.

The NBA returned to Charlotte when the Bobcats became an expansion team in 2004.

The Hornets name became available after the New Orleans franchise changed its name to the Pelicans this season.

“It was important to us to acknowledge the heritage of the Charlotte Hornets when bringing the name back to the market,” Jordan said in a statement.

He also said “the purple and teal color scheme was instantly recognizable as being associated with the original Hornets.”

The team will begin a three-week campaign focusing on “painting the city” with the return of the original team colors to Charlotte.

The basketball-crazed city fell in love with the franchise that arrived in 1988. Even when the team stunk, fans showed up and made noise. And after a few years, the Hornets actually got good.

Fans sold out the 24,000-plus seat Charlotte Coliseum for 364 consecutive games as the team with the iconic teal-and-purple color scheme won games with Alonzo Mourning, Larry Johnson and Muggsy Bogues.

But then it fell apart. Johnson hurt his back, Mourning took his talents to South Beach and the city grew frustrated with owner George Shinn, who became involved in a sexual assault trial involving a Hornets cheerleader and later made demands on the city to build a new arena.


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