Graduation – a Mother’s Day present for ex-NBA star

mike-bibbyMike Bibby, a former NBA star, has received a college diploma from UNLV.

Bibby received a bachelor of arts degree in multidisciplinary studies from the College of Liberal Arts, AP reported.

The point guard was a stand out when he helped the University of Arizona win the 1997 NCAA Championship title. But he left school early to play in the NBA.

Bibby, who now lives and coaches high school basketball in the Phoenix area, said he wanted to get his degree to coach at the college and pro level.

He also said he did it to keep a promise to his mother, calling the graduation a Mother’s Day present.

Bibby played for the Vancouver Grizzlies, Sacramento Kings, Atlanta Hawks, Washington Wizards, Miami Heat and New York Knicks. He played in 1001 games (950 started), averaging 14.7 ppg, 5.5 apg in 33.9 minutes per game.


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