Mitch Richmond: You can judge me or judge my game – I am a Hall of Famer

mitch-richmond-hall-of-fameSome people claim former NBA All-Star Mitch Richmond did not deserve to be picked for the 2014 Naismith Hall of Fame. And yet he was. And a lot more people believe, he deserved it.

”You can judge me and you can judge my game,” said Richmond. ”I’m a Hall of Famer.”

Richmond got elected to the 2014 Hall of Fame, along with Alonzo Mourning. The induction ceremony is Aug. 8 in Springfield, Mass.

The election of Mitch Richmond was made official in Dallas in conjunction with the Final Four, along with induction for college coaches Gary Williams and Nolan Richardson as part of the Class of 2014 that already included David Stern, Sarunas Marciulionis and Bob (Slick) Leonard among others.

Richmond and Mourning are joined by Richmond’s former Golden State teammate, Sarunas Marciulionis, who was voted in partially on the merits of his play as an international star in the Soviet Union and Lithuania.

Speaking to on his induction into the Hall of Fame several days ago, Richmond said that the Golden State Warriors team is “truly dear” to his heart.

“I’ve got a lot of friends there, and of course, Sacramento is dear to me as well. This is where I am currently working, this is where I spent most of my career, and the people have been supporting me throughout my career and even after I retired,” Richmond said.

He also said that in the 1990’s, he had to go up against the best in the game, on every single night.

“Every position you played, especially the 2-guard position, you knew you had to tie your shoes tight. Every guy on those spots was averaging 20-something points per game,” Richmond said.

richmond-warriors“Guys like Clyde Drexler, Reggie Miller, Jeff Malone, Rolando Blackman, Michael Jordan, Joe Dumars, the list goes on and on. So, for me, it was truly an honor to play with them, and now be in the Hall of Fame,” he said.

Richmond’s former teammate Chris Mullin is a Hall of Famer, as is his coach from the Golden State Warriors team, Don Nelson. Now, Richmond is among them.

“When Bernard King went into the Hall of Fame last year, I was hoping that my time will come,” Richmond said. “Thank God it did.”

Richmond also wrote an article on his blog, expressing his thoughts on being inducted into the Hall of Fame. He said he couldn’t be more honored, excited and overjoyed to be a part of the Hall of Fame.

“I’ve been looking back at my career, and it makes you reminisce about it all – the accomplishments and even the downfalls that made me pick myself up, dust myself off and get back out there. It makes you look at the good and bad times…and you realize, it was all worth it,” Richmond wrote.

“This has taken me back to where it all started – back to high school – when I picked up a basketball for the first time in 10th grade. As a young kid, I played football. That was my first love. But when I picked up a basketball, I fell in love with it instantly. I wanted to play it every day,” Richmond noted.

He also wrote that when he started playing, the only player he knew or heard about was Julius Erving.

“He was just so good, on and off the court, and that’s who I wanted to follow. That was my idol. I had a chance to really sit down and talk to him about two years ago. We exchanged numbers, and I was just so proud to have his number in my phone,” Richmond shared.

mitch-richmond-lakersFormer NBA star said he didn’t know where his NBA path would take him, but reaching the Hall of Fame is the “greatest achievement you could ever get”.

“A Championship ring, All-Stars, Rookie of the Year, Olympic medals…and now this. It’s really a beautiful thing. I enjoyed every step and every place the game of basketball has taken me. You turn around and it’s been 30 years. It went so fast. I feel like a young guy at 48, and I’m in the Hall of Fame. It’s so fascinating and amazing. This is truly the ultimate,” Richmond said, adding that this honor represents everyone who has touched his life so far.

Richmond said that being inducted into the Hall of Fame is “truly the ultimate basketball accomplishment”, and said that he will represent the Hall of Fame, and continue to respect the game, as best as he can.

Richmond was a 6-time NBA All-Star, and also won the 1988-89 NBA Rookie of the Year Award.

He scored double figures in scoring in 13 of his 14 seasons. He also won the NBA title with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2001-2002.

Richmond, considered one of the best shooters in the NBA, averaged career high 25.9 ppg for Sacramento in 1996-97.

He holds career averages of 21 ppg, 3.9 rpg and 3.5 apg in 976 NBA games, in 902 of which he started.


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