NBA legend Michael Jordan – another Derek Jeter admirer

jeter-jordanRetired NBA legend, Michael Jordan can be added to the list of admirers of MBL All-Star, New York Yankees’ Derek Jeter.

Jordan attended the “Derek Jeter Day Tribute”, where he disclosed the things he likes about Jeter, NY Post reported.

“You see all the competitors and all his teammates, and I don’t think anybody can say one thing bad about Derek,” said Jordan.

“He’s an idol to me, how he’s well respected in the game. He carries himself like every baseball player or professional athlete should. A very classy guy, very straightforward, very friendly,” Jordan said.

It should be noted that Jordan handpicked Jeter to be a part of the Jordan Brand line 15 years ago, taken with his professionalism, dedication and accomplishments.

Jordan, 51, and Jeter, 40, first met in the fall of 1994, during the Arizona Fall League. Jordan, attempting to play professional baseball in the Chicago White Sox organization, said he could see the 20-year-old Jeter’s ability immediately and tried to pick up things by watching him.

“He was a great teacher, great educator,” Jordan said. “Just watching the way he carried himself, obviously you could see he was good at a very early age, and his success followed him.”

Jeter in turn called Jordan an older brother he never had. Speaking of brothers, Jeter says Jordan constantly reminds him of his 6 championship rings. Jeter himself has 5.

Like Jordan, Jeter was at his best in the clutch. Better than most, Jordan understands what made Jeter so successful.

“Pressure situations usually determine who has put forth the effort, and it’s very obvious that he has put forth the effort in the right way because he has always responded the right way under pressure,” Jordan said.


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