No decision yet, but Steve Kerr ready to coach NY Knicks

steve-kerr-nbaPhil Jackson’s first real imprint on the Knicks organization will come when he names a new head coach or stuns the basketball world by retaining Mike Woodson.

Among those waiting on the news is Steve Kerr, the former player and general manager-turned-broadcaster for TNT.

A source close to the situation said Kerr “absolutely expects” to be offered the job. “And if he’s offered the job, he’s definitely going to do it,” the source told The NY Post.

The Post has learned Kerr has had conversations with his bosses at Turner Sports about adjusting his schedule as an analyst during the upcoming playoffs should he be named the Knicks’ head coach.

Kerr’s name emerged as a top candidate based on his ties with Phil Jackson. He was part of the Bulls’ three straight championship teams from 1996 to 1998 and the two have remained close. His knowledge of the triangle offense is said to be an asset.

Kerr might seem an unlikely choice considering he has no coaching experience. But that is becoming more common in the NBA.

Mark Jackson went from broadcaster to first-time coach at Golden State, where the Warriors have made two straight playoff appearances. Go back a few years and Doc Rivers made a successful transition from analyst to coaching. Jason Kidd, who had no previous coaching experience, led the Nets to the playoffs in his first season.

TNT analyst Charles Barkley, though, didn’t exactly give Kerr a ringing endorsement and questioned what impact he could have.

“I just feel bad the way they treated Mike Woodson,” Barkley told The NY Post. “The Kerr thing could be interesting, but I don’t know what the player situation is. This league is about players, so it’s going to depend on what he has to work with. He’s not going to do anything better with this team.”

Jackson spent part of Thursday giving the Knicks one-on-one pep talks to soothe their bruised egos and encourage them to get better in preparation for next season. The next order of business should be naming his coach.

Kerr, meanwhile, is preparing to be ready if called. Back in 2013, Kerr already said that he would like to coach, but on NBA level, not college.

Kerr played 15 years in the NBA, winning 5 NBA titles – 3 with Chicago Bulls (96-97-98) and two with San Antonio Spurs (99, 03).

During his play days, Kerr was considered one of the best three point shooters in the NBA. He led the league in 3-point shooting percentage.

He played in 910 NBA games (30 started), averaging 6.0 ppg in 17.8 minutes per game.



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