“One out of every million Americans is a professional basketball player”

john-salley-lakersFormer professional basketball player, 4-time NBA champion John Salley spoke with Bloomberg recently, and he believes that college athletes, namely basketball players are getting ripped off.

Speaking about whether college players should be compensated, Salley brought up a few examples.

“When I was playing for Georgia Tech I had like 7 dollars in my pocket. There’s no way you could earn that much money. You can’t work because they give you a scholarship,” Salley said.

He went on to add that college players never get compensated for all the jerseys that are sold with their names, also the video games, they never get paid for that as well.

“One out of every million Americans is a professional basketball player. That’s crazy,” Salley said.

Salley further spoke about Phil Jackson being brought to the NY Knicks front office – the team that he won two NBA championships with, as a player in the early 1970’s.

Salley said that he’d bring Phil Jackson in, if he was building a team himself.

“Jackson won six rings in Chicago and give in Los Angeles. He also has two rings with the Knicks as a player. Who wouldn’t bring him in?,” Salley said.

Salley won his last 4th NBA championship with Jackson’s 1999-2000 LA Lakers.

“If players can accept his winning mentality, then thingsĀ  will work out. He has proven that the triangle offense wins championships,” he said.

Salley was the first player in NBA history to play on three different championship-winning franchises.

Salley spent 11 seasons in the NBA, appearing in 748 games (228 started), averaging 7 ppg, 4.5 rpg and 1.3 bpg in 22 minutes of playing time.

He has won championships with Detroit Pistons (twice, 88-89, 89-90), with Chicago Bulls (95-96), and Los Angeles Lakers (99-00).


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