Pat Garrity: Pistons’ staff to teach players how to interact on social media

pat-garrity-orlando-2The recently hired Pat Garrity, who is now the Detroit Pistons’ new director of Strategic Planning, spoke about how the team will manage and monitor the players’ behavior on social media.

Garrity, who spoke on Detroit Sports 105.1, said that the issue will definitely be paid attention to, according to

“I don’t know necessarily if that’s something day to day, but certainly something that we’re doing,” he said. “And you’ve just seen the things that are going on this summer where guys put themselves in positions that they shouldn’t be in.”

“I think certainly one of the things that we’re going to be doing are from the training aspects, before you even get guys in that situation, equipping them with how to interact on social media, the things to stay away from , the things to be aware of. So yes, the monitoring thing is important, but I think more important is the training aspect of it.”

Yet Garrity isn’t in favor of asking players to stay off social media completely.

“One of the valuable things about the NBA and the product is that you have terrific personalities and you want to allow guys to be able to touch and interact with their fans in really a genuine way. Social media provides that platform,” he said. “But it also comes with a lot of opportunities to have pitfalls and to create distractions that you don’t need.”

Garrity has previously worked as member of the Players Association Executive Committee, serving as secretary and treasurer from 2000-08.

Garrity played in the NBA from 98-99 to 2007-2008 season. He spent 9 years of his career with the Orlando Magic. Garrity averaged career high 11.1 ppg for the Magic in 01-02 season. In total, he appeared in 552 NBA games (102 started), averaging 7.3 ppg and 2.6 rpg in 20 minutes of playing time.


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