Payton, Baker, Sprewell and wig-wearing Dennis Rodman on tour – VIDEO

nba-legends-tour-argentina-2014Former NBA players stay busy, even after retiring from professional basketball. They’re participating in the NBA Legends tour (Legends of Basketball Argentina Tour 2014), and have recently held a game in Argentina.

Gary Payton, Vin Baker, Latrell Sprewell, Charles Smith, Tony Campbell were joined on the court by the one and only Dennis Rodman – who came out with a spiked blond mohawk wig, lipstick and eye shadow.

If there’s any other thing that Rodman knows how to do aside from rebounding, is to draw attention. And that’s exactly what he did – as you can see at the video below.

It should also be noted that Smith and Baker were also on the team, along with Rodman, that went to North Korea to play against the local team, before the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un.


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