People fear Lamar Odom can go back to doing drugs

lamar-odom-breathing-on-courtFormer NBA player Lamar Odom still reportedly cannot get his life back on track, as people close to him fear that former star can start doing drugs again.

Jamie Sangouthai, a friend of Odom, has died recently of an apparent drug overdose, and Odom reportedly is taking the death of his friend hard.

Sangouthai died from a flesh-eating disease, a drug-related issue caused by dirty needles.

TMZ reported that the Kardashian family is worried it could push Odom back into the dark world of drugs.

TMZ said Sangouthai was close with Odom several years ago, when Odom had drug-related issues himself, and reportedly was fueling NBA player’s addiction.

Friends of the Kardashians told TMZ that the family are hoping Odom views Sangouthai’s death as a wake up call so he’ll swear off drugs forever.

This is while TMZ’s sources close to the Kardashian family claim Odom has had trouble kicking his habit in the long term, and they think that Sangouthai’s death could have an opposite effect on Odom and do significant damage to the retired star.

Odom averaged a career-low 4.1 points and 5.7 rebounds per game for the LA Clippers in his last NBA season (2012-2013). In total, Odom played 14 seasons in the NBA, for LA Clippers, LA Lakers, Miami Heat, and Dallas Mavericks.

Never an All-Star, Odom still averaged solid numbers in his first 12 seasons in the league. He holds career averages of 13.3 ppg, 8.4 rpg in 33.4 mpg, appearing in 961 career NBA games (starting in 684).


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