Phil Jackson compares who’s better one-on-one player in NBA history

phil-jackson-2Former NBA coach Phil Jackson sat down with Gary Payton on Fox Sports Live to discuss some on-on-one match-ups and pick the winner.

Payton first asked Jackson who would win in a Shaquille O’Neal-Dwight Howard matchup. Jackson was quick to reply.

“Shaq wins this one. He’s got size and power, and he’s also got some good post up moves. Dwight is pretty good on the move, when he gets the ball off the pick-and-roll,  or a bounce pass or a lob, but Shaq is the guy with the footwork,” Jackson said.

Next, was the question of Metta World Peace (aka Ron Artest) going up against Dennis Rodman.

“I remember this incident in Game 6 or 7 in the series against Utah, where Malone and Dennis would go down on the floor, wrestling with each other in the back court… that’s what you’d have with Metta and Rodman. It would just be a wrestling match,” Jackson answered.

Then Payton decided to ask Jackson about a classic match – Larry Bird vs Magic Johnson.

“Well, Magic’s got good post up game, Larry did as well, but he was an outside, step-back shooter. So I guess I’ll go with Larry, I think he’s the better one here,” Phil Jackson said.

Then Jackson was brought to the modern times of Kevin Durant and Lebron James. The choice was obvious for Jackson.

“Lebron is the powerhouse. He’s the guy that has all that power. He’s the linebacker playing his position out there. Durant can stand there and shoot like crazy, but Lebron is the guy that can go with power,” Jackson said, picking James over Durant.


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