Pistons’ Andre Drummond learns from ex-player Rasheed Wallace

rasheed-wallace-coachAndre Drummond soaks up a little knowledge from Rasheed Wallace every day they spend together, Detroit Pistons’ official website reported.

“I played with him the other day – it wasn’t fun,” Drummond grinned after a Monday workout.

What did coach Wallace throw at his prodigy?

“Everything. The little side corner shot with his feet against the out-of-bounds line. The shot from the track line (that runs behind the basket), over the hoop, made it in. And then the two-ball thing. He’s a natural. I don’t know why I did it to myself. I have no idea why I did it.”

Rasheed didn’t pitch a shutout, though.

“I got him with a couple of things. He can’t dunk still, so I had to do some things he couldn’t do.”

The more relevant lessons – the ones that will help Drummond inch closer to fulfilling his vast potential and subsequently help the Pistons win games – are also coming.

Among them is developing a go-to move or two, which new coach Maurice Cheeks has made clear to Drummond will be expected of him.

Drummond said Wallace has made workouts varied and fun for him, coming up with something new daily to keep it fresh.

“It all ties in to the same thing, but we do it in different ways and it makes it fun and more enjoyable to come in and do it.”

Wallace’s basketball IQ and exceptional versatility were widely extolled throughout his NBA career, but Drummond’s athleticism gives him something else in his toolbox. If Drummond can assimilate Wallace’s savvy into his repertoire, his ceiling might be beyond anyone’s reach.

“I’ve picked up a lot of different tricks just being with him. We’re not doing anything drastic as of yet. Right now, he’s just telling me he’s going to keep it simple since it’s so early but at the end of the season you’ll see something a lot different than at the beginning,” Drummond said.

“He told me – you’re one of the fastest bigs I’ve ever seen and your feet are really good, light on your feet, and you move really well, so the moves I show you, you should do 10 times faster than I did.’ So I’m excited for what’s coming,” Drummond noted.

Wallace retired at the end of last season with the New York Knicks after a 17-year playing career that also included stints with Washington, Portland, Atlanta, Detroit and Boston.

Wallace holds career averages of 14.4 points, 6.7 rebounds, 1.8 assists, 1.3 blocks and 1 steal during a 14-year career with the Bullets, Blazers, Hawks, Pistons, Celtics and Knicks. He played in total of 1109 NBA games (started 956).

The Pistons and 38-year old Wallace, had been in discussions in June about a player development role with the franchise he helped lead to an NBA championship in 2004.

Wallace eventually agreed to a two-year deal to join the Detroit Pistons‘ coaching staff, ESPN reported in July.


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