Police confirm ex-NBA center Lorenzen Wright was shot to death

lorenzen-wrightMemphis police have confirmed former NBA player Lorenzen Wright died of a gunshot wound, AP reported.

Wright played for 12 years in the NBA, for Los Angeles Clippers, Atlanta Hawks, Memphis Grizzlies, Sacramento Kings and Cleveland Cavs. He appeared in 778 NBA games (447 started), averaging 8 ppg, 6.4 rpg in 23.8 minutes on the court.

Family members had said Wednesday that police told them Wright’s body had been found in a wooded area, but authorities wouldn’t confirm that Thursday.

Wright, a 34-year-old Memphis native, was last seen around midnight July 18. His family filed a missing person report with police on July 22.

In September it was reported that TV One aired its “Celebrity Crime Files Show” exploring the events leading up to Wright’s tragic death.

Lorenzen’s mother Deborah Marion said the investigation is still in the same spot as it was three years ago when he was killed. Marion said she is frustrated with MPD searching for her son’s killer.

Marion said the local police is overbooked, and doesn’t have time to look for the killer of her son.

Wright’s mother has turned to a private team of forensic specialists and retired detectives who have volunteered to take the case.


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