Reggie Miller explains why LeBron, Carmelo losing weight

reggie-sittingMany NBA stars, after maintaining superb physique,  happen to gain some weight after they retire. These include even such stars as David Robinson and Karl Malone.

Reggie Miller on the other hand has always been skinny and deadly, simple as that. Miller was named to the “ALL-NBA” team 3 times, and participated in 5 NBA All-Star games. He appeared in 1389 NBA games (1304 started), averaging 18.2 ppg, 3 apg and 3 rpg in 34.3 minutes of action. He nailed 2560 three-pointers in his season career. And he’s always been fit.

TMZ has recently caught up with Miller and asked him about NBA’s current superstars Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James going on diets, losing weight, preparing for the next NBA season.

Miller was quick to explain why this is happening.

“This is to prolong their careers. When you carry too much weight it kind of shortens the longevity of a basketball player. Especially in the later years,” Miller told TMZ.

“It’s actually pretty smart,” Miller continued speaking of why LeBron and Carmelo are slimming down. “You saw what happened to LeBron during the finals – the cramping. I guarantee that he won’t have these issues now that he’s lost weight.

Miller said it was probably LeBron’s decision to lose weight, probably the conjunction with the trainers helped as well.

“Their game will not be affected, they will just feel lighter,” Miller concluded.

LeBron James on the other hand has been avoiding carbs and it’s quickly paid off, as the four-time MVP looks noticeably slimmer in recent pictures on Instagram. The weight loss should help LeBron maintain his explosive athleticism while taking some strain off his lower body, and it’s safe to assume that he’ll enter the season in peak physical condition.

Like James, Carmelo Anthony has lost a ton of weight this offseason. A source told the New York Post that Anthony wanted to get back to where he was as a rookie. When Anthony was a rookie at the Nuggets, he was listed at 230 pounds. Last season he was listed at 240 pounds.

A source told the NY Post that Anthony had been working out three times a day, a combination of basketball and agility drills, yoga, and weightlifting. As for diet, Anthony’s has been “mostly carb-free.”


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