Retired Allan Houston to become NY Knicks’ next GM?

allan-houston-knicksLast Thursday, news came out that Glen Grunwald was moved by the NY Knicks organization from general manager to “advisor” role, while Steve Mills was hired as GM and president of the club.

By Friday morning, it was still unclear why Grunwald lost his job, as several league insiders said he was a “great guy” and had done a good job building the roster. With the Knicks finishing second in the Eastern Conference last season and making some decent moves this summer, the timing definitely felt off.

But Grunwald’s new title, “advisor,” also begs this question: What if his new role has something to do with helping groom assistant GM Allan Houston to eventually become New York’s GM? Mills, too, could have been hired to tutor Houston.

Former Knicks player Chris Copeland, now with the Indiana Pacers, sensed there could be a bigger opportunity in store for Houston.

“I think he’s the next in line,” Copeland said. “I’m sad for Glen—I have nothing but the utmost respect for Glen; I like Glen and I think he’s a great guy—but I’m extremely excited for Allan if he does get that opportunity. I think he’ll do a great job there.

“He’s an outstanding, classy guy, and he knows what he’s doing. He understands the game better than most. He’s obviously played it at a high level, and…as far as basketball IQ, I don’t think it gets much better than him.”

Houston went from being a Knicks All-Star to a special assistant to former GM Donnie Walsh to an assistant GM with the franchise. He has credibility and has the respect of the players and people who matter in the organization, including owner James Dolan. It’s safe to say Houston isn’t going anywhere—and only moving up the corporate ladder to GM.

“I do think that,” a source familiar with the team’s decision-making process said. “I’ve heard it from people inside (the organization) mention it. It seems obvious to me honestly.”

Houston, a 2-time All-Star, played 11 years in the NBA, averaging 17.3 ppg in 33.7 minutes of playing time. He spent most of his career with NY Knicks, and also played two seasons for Detroit Pistons.

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