Retired NBA players discuss transition from game, life after basketball

charles-d-smithThe media has preyed on former NBA players financial woes and misguided outcomes after retiring from the game.

There are a host of former NBA players that have good jobs, great families and successful stories about their transition.

There is a group that believes their personal brands are still worth something more than being paid fees and in return watching the long term financial success of someone else’s business.

A group of former WNBA and NBA players known as the “Professional Basketball Alumni” (“PBA”) met in Miami for strategy sessions called, “Beyond the Bounce”.

The purpose was to discuss the transition from the game as well as addressing different ways to increase their personal brands to generate additional income.

The sessions were led by WPBA President, Rushia Brown and PBA CEO, Charles D. Smith.

What happen at the Professional Basketball Alumni strategy session in Miami was astounding says, Charles Smith.

“We are thankful for all our brilliant Alumni who have brought there great ideas and relationships to the organizations for the betterment of all Alumni. We have the frame work of and organization that will directly have an impact on a different kind of transition from professional basketball.”

Smith played 10 years in the NBA, for LA Clippers, NY Knicks and San Antonio Spurs. He appeared in total of 564 NBA games (419 started), averaging 14.4 ppg, 5.8 rpg and 1.4 bpg in 29 minutes on the court.

Players shared their stories at the sessions. A former WNBA player shared how she was never taken seriously in business therefore; she became very bitter and distanced herself from all aspects of the game including her close friends and former team mates.

Another former NBA player that successfully transitions but is bitter about the money he lost from investments with whom he thought was his friends.

The PBA has worked with numerous Alumni to get them to understand the importance of options coupled with never give up attitude.

Over the last three years the Alumni have assisted players in generating revenue in both sports and business. The PBA encourages all former players to work with everyone.


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