Robert Horry: You can’t judge player by number of NBA titles

robert-horry-autographRetired NBA player Robert Horry spoke to SlamOnline in an interview, where he touched upon several subjects, such as his championship rings, about how he became a top-notch shooter, the effect his dad’s career had on him as he was growing up, a cool meeting with President Obama and plenty more.

Horry won 7 NBA titles: Two with Houston Rockets (93,94), three with LA Lakers (2000,2001,2002), and two more with San Antonio Spurs (2005,2007).

Speaking about his championships, Horry was quick to say that a player’s greatness is not measured by the number of championships he has won.

“People say so Robert Horry has 7 rings, does that mean he’s better than Michael Jordan? Naah. So you can’t go by rings, man,” Horry said.

“I tell people, once you’re in a championship, it’s like the most addictive thing ever,” Horry said, adding that a heart of the champion must never be underestimated.

Then Horry went on to explain how he was growing up, playing basketball on the playgrounds.

“Growing up, being 6’9, 195, when you play with the old heads, you try to go to the hole, and get your ribs nearly broken, because they didn’t let you go to the hole,” Horry said.

“There were no fouls. You come in here, they will hit you hard. So you had to learn how to shoot the jumper,” he said. “If you learn how to do that, it can open so many things for you. If you don’t respect me I’ll just shoot jumper over you, if you come out to defend, i’ll go around and dunk it.”

Then Horry spoke of his father.

“My dad was a staff sergeant in South Carolina. I spent all my summers growing up there,” Horry recalled.

Former NBA star said he watched his father, and although he himself wanted to be in the army, his father said he’d be “too tall’ to be there.

In the end, Horry recalled how he met US President Barack Obama in 2012. He said before General (Martin) Dempsey got a chance to present Horry to the president, Obama already knew who Horry was.

“So before he even got a chance to say my name, president goes like: Big shot Bob, what’s up baby…I know what you do! I was like Yeah!, the president knows me!,” Horry said, laughing.

The Houston Rockets selected Horry out of Alabama with the 11th overall pick in the 1992 draft. Throughout his career, Horry played for the Rockets, Phoenix Suns, LA Lakers and San Antonio Spurs.

In total, Horry played in 1107 NBA games (481 started), averaging 7 ppg, 4.8 rpg in 24.5 minutes of playing time.


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