Robert Swift exits his foreclosed-upon house, leaves a massive mess behind

robert_swift_oklahomaTwo weeks ago former SuperSonics center Robert Swift wouldn’t leave his house, that was foreclosed upon.

Swift, out of professional basketball despite being in the same high school and NBA draft class as Dwight Howard, refused to leave his foreclosed-upon mansion, barricading himself in a home strewn with beer cans, tacky paraphernalia, and Chevrolet El Caminos with missing engines.

The best case scenario, considering the visible bullet holes and preponderance of beer empties, has come true.

Swift has left the house, and it didn’t take some alcohol-inspired shootout to pull him out. The best case scenario is still pretty nasty, though.

There’s not really much more to add. Robert Swift won’t even turn 28 until December, but his short bursts of playing time in Seattle and Oklahoma City didn’t produce much – Basketball-Reference lists Daniel Santiago, Stuart Gray, and Granville Waiters amongst his career’s similarity scores.

The heavily-tattooed big man was drafted directly out of high school in 2004 and was a favorite amongst several well-respected NBA GMs, but his game never found a groove and he last played in the NBA back in 2009.

Swift played four seasons in the NBA, three of them with Seattle Supersonics, one with Oklahoma Thunder. He averaged career high 6.4 ppg, 5.6 rpg an 1.2 bpg for the Sonics in 2005-2006.

Swift holds career averages of 4.3 ppg, 3.9 rpg and 0.9 bpg, and 15.5 mpg in 97 NBA games (34 started).

It’s a reach to expect that Swift drank all, or even any, of the beer and liquor that was once in those empties, but it’s probably safe to say that Swift isn’t in tip top shape at this point.

Currently the whereabouts of the former Seattle SuperSonics center are unknown, and hopefully next time he pops up on our radar, the news we relay will leave us a little more optimistic.

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