San Antonio considered drafting Scot Pollard instead of Tim Duncan

scot-pollardDid you know that the San Antonio Spurs have briefly considered taking Scot Pollard in the 1997 NBA draft? Spurs had the No. 1 pick in the 1997 NBA draft and considered taking Pollard.

Tim Duncan, the All-American center from Wake Forest, was the consensus choice to go first, but Gregg Popovich had his doubts. He liked this center out of Kansas, Scot Pollard.

“It’s a true story,” Popovich said. “I loved the way Scot played. Timmy was really smooth and all that, so (you wonder) ‘is that going to translate? Is he going to be tough?’ He was long and lanky and thin and Scot Pollard was out there kicking you-know-what and taking names.”

“It was actually a conversation. I also have to say that notion didn’t last real long. But it did come up,” Popovich recalled. He said he was serious, and one time it was an idea to take Pollard over Duncan.

The Spurs eventually changed their mind and took Tim Duncan. He would went on to become one of the best power forwards in the NBA, and led the team to five NBA championships.

Pollard went on to be drafted by the Detroit Pistons, and spent 11 seasons in the NBA, playing for the Pistons, Sacramento Kings, Indiana Pacers, Cleveland Cavs and Boston Celtics.

A strong defender and rebounder, Pollard’s career highight was in Sacramento, where he established himself as a solid back-up for Vlade Divac and Chris Webber.

Pollard. who currently works as a Pacers analyst, holds career averages of 4.4 ppg, 4.6 rpg in 16.5 mpg.


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