Ex-NBA player Burrell on coaching: it’s a bug you want to pass on

scott-burrellScott Burrell’s basketball career isn’t something to be ashamed of. He’s been a high-school standout, he shined in college, he played in the NBA and won a title there with Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.

Burrell also played overseas for several seasons, before switching to coaching. Now he can add head coach to his resume as he took the reigns of Southern Connecticut State for the 2015-16 season, NCAA.com reported.

“You learn that there are no days off, you come to practice to play like it’s a game every day and you learn how hard you have to work to be great,” Burrell said of his experience of being a world champion.

“You learn what it takes to be professional at your craft, that’s why they were the best and still are the best. Michael [Jordan]’s competitive drive, his work ethic and his tenacity is what makes him the best basketball player to ever play.”

Burrell spent eight seasons with the Charlotte Bobcats, before accepting his first head coaching job.

“When you love the game, and you love being around the game, you think of a second career when your playing days are over,” Burrell said. “I wanted to coach. My father was a coach, I played for some great coaches. It’s a bug, you want to pass on what you’ve learned from the guys you’ve played with and the coaches you’ve played for.”

Burrell believes he’s gained enough of knowledge to pass it on.

““I learned from playing for three Hall of Fame coaches. They’re winners for a reason. They are great motivators, great teachers, great Xs and Os and they know the game mentally and physically and they’ve passed that on to those players that they’ve touched,” he said.

“You want to keep it going in the same direction. People thought, ‘I know he played, but can he coach?’ You don’t just play basketball, you learn the game and become a professor or doctor of the game. When you play with great players you see how they became great. When you play for great coaches and see how they mentor kids and push them to newer heights in their game you carry that with you,” said Burrell.

Drafted by the Charlotte Hornets, Burrell went on to play 8 seasons in the NBA, for Hornets, Golden State Warriors, Chicago Bulls and New Jersey Nets.

He played a total of 383 NBA games (started 122), averaging 6.9 ppg, 3.5 rpg in 19.8 mpg.


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