Shaquille O’Neal completely destroys James Harden

james-hardenShaquille O’Neal knows firsthand what its like to win it all and lose it all. He’s been to the finals, he won four NBA championships. He knows what leadership is about.

And O’Neal believes one particular NBA superstar lacks that leadership to take his team to the next level. Who is that superstar? James Harden of the Houston Rockets.

O’Neal believes that Harden’s poor defense and lack of leadership skills limit his team’s chances to get on the next level.

“The problem with James Harden is he has no leadership skills. I know for a fact as the main player, when you come to play, others will follow. If you’re the leader of a team, you gotta do what you’re supposed to do. If you don’t do what you’re supposed to do, then others will not do anything,” said O’Neal, Fox Sports reported.

“He doesn’t lead by example. There’s two types of leaders. The vocal leaders get in people’s face like Draymond Green, and those who lead by example,” O’Neal said after the Rockets lost their second game to the defending champions Golden State Warriors in the first round of the playoffs.

A dominant force in the NBA, Shaquille O’Neal was selected to 15 all-star Games, won four NBA titles (three with Los Angeles Lakers, one with Miami Heat).

He is considered to be among the best centers ever to play in the NBA. O’Neal played in 1207 NBA games (1197 started), averaging 23.7 ppg, 10.9 rpg, 2.3 bpg in 34.7 minutes of action.


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