Stephon Marbury finished paying off his chef for 2006 love affair

stephonmarbury-tashamarburyEx-NBA player Stephon Marbury has finally given his ex-mistress enough money to keep it quiet about their 2006 affair.

Last October, Stephon agreed to pay his former chef Thurayyah Mitchell $900,000 if she kept quiet about their affair. After news of the hush money broke, the story didn’t get much more attention.

That is until his wife Tasha Marbury made her debut on season 5 of “Basketball Wives” back in August. Her cast mate Suzie Ketcham asked about the affair, which Evelyn Lozada used for a story line in her book The Inner Circle, and the show once again shed light on the situation.

Supposedly, Stephon hired Thurayyah Mitchell as his private chef back in January 2006. Thurayyah didn’t last long in the Marbury household. She was fired the same year, after allegedy sleeping with Marbury about five times, and she claimed that she was the victim of sexual harassment.

Although Marbury thought they had a consensual relationship, the chef claimed in court documents that Stephon “made her believe that ‘keeping him happy’ was a requirement of keeping her job”. That, of course, would be in addition to cooking for his wife, Latasha, and their three kids.

Initially, Marbury offered Thurayyah $900,000 not to tell anyone about their affair, which he’d deliver to her in installments. He stopped making payments in January 2010, after he’d only given her $600,000. The cook then sent the matter to arbitration.

A court official ruled that Marbury had to fork over an additional $330,000 because Thurayyah could have sued the former New York Knicks point guard or sold her story for way more than he had offered her.

Stephon argued that the payments were hush money meant to “buy Ms. Mitchell’s silence” because news of an affair would embarrass his family.

The pro baller was also worried that such a revelation could cause problems for the Knicks, which was at the time going through a “very public investigation involving claims of sexual harassment.”

This is while TMZ reported that Stephon that Stephon only paid Thurayyah about $550,000 when he stopped sending her checks. Not satisfied with being short changed, the personal chef hauled him into court and the former NBA player was ordered to pay the balance of their deal.

Legal documents now state that Stephon, who has just signed on for three more seasons with the Beijing Ducks, has paid $341,153. That sum should effectively end all of their dealings with each other.

Marbury has recently signed a 3-year deal, to continue his basketball career in China, with Beijing Ducks.

Marbury spent five mostly erratic and controversial seasons with the Knicks after he was traded midway through the 2003-04 season. He quarreled with teammates and team brass, failed to get along with coach Larry Brown and later feuded with coach/GM Isiah Thomas.

Reports surfaced that he and Thomas even came to blows. Marbury finally agreed to a buyout during the 2008-09 season, ending his turbulent time with the Knicks and ushering in a second, better-received act in China.

Marbury was a 2-time All-Star in the NBA, averaging 19.3 ppg, 7.6 apg in 846 career NBA games (816 started).


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