Steve Kerr destroys Steph Curry’s critics with straight-up sarcasm

steve-kerr-off-laughSteve Kerr has been around the NBA long enough and he’s seen his share of great players.

After all, he’s played alongside Michael Jordan and won the NBA title, and he’s coaching Steph Curry – and won the NBA title as head coach in 2014-2015.

Yet, while a lot of current and former NBA players praise Curry’s game, some say he wouldn’t have been great in the 90’s NBA, as well as claim that Curry is only good because of how the NBA has changed over the years.

Well, Steve Kerr probably the most sarcastic and crushing response yet to Steph Curry’s critics.

“Oh I am sure, yeah. I could have stopped this back in my time. Boy, I would have shut Steph down,” said Kerr, according to Fox Sports.”Because athletes, you know, 50 years ago were much bigger and faster, more finely tuned. So Steph might not have made it in the league.”

Kerr also took a shot at NBA legend Oscar Robertson, who claimed the coaches in the NBA have no idea what they’re doing and that they can’t figure out how to defend Curry.

“You guys should ask some of the old-time players, they have a better idea of how to guard Steph than the new coaches do. All of us new coaches have no idea what we’re doing,” he told reporters.


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