Steve Nash says Baron Davis too “fat” for NBA comeback – VIDEO

baron-davis-clippersIs ex-NBA player Baron Davis really planning a comeback to the NBA? If he is, then his view on how to do that is clearly different from what NBA veteran Steve Nash thinks…

In a funny video below, Davis goes to Vancouver to get back in playing shape, with a little help from two-time MVP Steve Nash.

But as Nash quickly points out in the video, Davis is “carrying around a pony keg” on his tummy. Davis amusingly counters that the added weight “could be an advantage.”

He then elaborates by saying that he doesn’t really think he’s “Charles Barkley fat. I’m more, like, Shaq fat.”

Nash tries to persuade Davis to consume “good sources of energy” to help his body “slim down” but the idea of not eating pizza does not sit well with Davis.

Davis also says in the video that people have been telling him to take Kenny Smith’s job as an NBA analyst, and Davis thinks he’s got all the right tools for the job.

Davis, a two-time NBA All-Star played 13 seasons in the NBA, for Charlotte Hornets (New Orleans Hornets), Golden State Warriors, LA Clippers, Cleveland Cavaliers and NY Knicks.

He played a total of 835 NBA games (692 started), averaging 16.1 ppg, 7.2 apg and 3.8 rpg in 34.2 mpg.

Check out the video below:


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