Iverson’s ex-teammates recall playing with him in Philadelphia

iverson-cryfoulAllen Iverson, who retired from the NBA, has reached another height in basketball. The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame announced the members of its Class of 2016 and Iverson is among the selected ones.

While Iverson sometimes wasn’t on the same page with Philadelphia Sixers coach Larry Brown, he seems to have been a great teammate.

“Hawks guard Kyle Korver, who played with Iverson for four seasons as a member of the 76ers, said he expected Iverson to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

“It was inevitable that this was going to happen,” Korver said.

Recalling his rookie year in Philadelphia, Korver said Iverson was very good to him.

“He was so good to me,” Korver said, “and he didn’t have to be. He really took me under his wing and encouraged me. He would get so mad at me when I wouldn’t shoot and he felt like I was open. To have someone like him just in my corner those first couple of years really helped me to establish myself a little bit. I’m so grateful that he was on my team and I got to play with him and watch him.”

Korver said Iverson’s size, style and personality drew fans to future Hall of Famer like none other.

“He was just like a magnet to people and to fans and to players,” Korver said. “He meant so much to the game, obviously, with his style and how he played and who he was. He’s just a magnetic person.

Iverson’s former teammate, NBA legend Dikembe Mutombo took to Instagram, where he said he was proud of Iverson going to the Hall of Fame.

“”I am happy to call you: teammate, brother, and friend. We Are Georgetown,” Mutombo wrote, referring to him and Iverson both being from the Georgetown University.

Iverson, spent 14 seasons in the NBA, playing in 914 NBA games (901 started), and holds career average of 26.7 points per game, and 6.2 assists per game, with 41.1 minutes per game.

He scored a total of 24,368 career points. He was the winner of both the Most Valuable Player and Rookie of the Year honors. He is an 11-time All-Star, and 4-time NBA scoring champion.


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