Who’s better: Patrick Ewing or Dwight Howard?

ewing-howardWho’s better, Dwight Howard or Patrick Ewing? It really depends on who we ask – a lot of the current NBA fans never saw Patrick Ewing play. Meanwhile, let’s see what former NBA player Eddie Johnson has to say.

“Howard came straight out of high school, came on to the scene, and took the name Superman. Howard has proven that “S” on his chest was not an accident. Defensively, he’s one of the best basketball players in the history of the game,” Johnson said on USA Today.

“He won three defensive player of the year awards, and has been member of All-Defensive teams five times. He also made the All-NBA team 8 times,” he added.

Patrick Ewing on the other hand, was a center of a different caliber.

“Ewing from Georgetown, and he went to the NY Knicks…how pity. But Ewing did not disappoint. Yes, he didn’t win a championship, but he outworked anybody that came his way,” Johnson said.

“When he left the game, he left with a lot of awards as well. Three-times all-defensive team, seven times all-NBA teams. 21 points and 10 rebounds per for his career in 17 years, with over 24,000 points,” Johnson said.

So, who’s a better player? According to Johnson – Ewing is better.

Ewing appeared in 1183 career NBA games, starting in 1122 of them. He holds career averages of 21 ppg, 9.8 rpg and 2.4 bpg in 34.3 minutes of playing time.

He averaged career high 28.6 ppg for the Knicks during thre 1989-90 NBA season, and career high in rebounds (12.1 rpg) during the 1992-93 season. The Knicks retired Ewing’s No. 33 jersey in 2003. Ewing was elected into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2008.

“Dwight Howard will wind up with probably better stats and awards, but offensively he has struggled,” Johnson said.

“Patrick Ewing – although playing on a talented team, was the go-to guy. He was not afraid to take the shot at the end of the game. No one touches Ewing in terms of his desire and intensity, he gets the edge over Dwight Howard. He’s better.”

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