Wife of murdered former NBA player goes on $1 million spending spree

lorenzen-wrightSherra Wright is the wife of former NBA player Lorenzen Wright who was murdered in 2010. To date, the case has not been resolved.

Police reports from Commercial Appeal report that Sherra White has gone on a “spending spree” since her husbands death.

Reports say that she’s spent over $1 million in 10 months, for the children.

Despite her spending, the report indicates the family remains financially strong, listing nearly $1.4 million in remaining “assets on hand,” most of it involving the house in east Shelby County and three investment properties in Arkansas. Here is more from Commercial Appeal:

Her spending was brisk and prodigious — $32,000 for a Cadillac Escalade; $26,000 for a Lexus; $69,000 on an assortment of furniture; $11,750 for a trip to New York; $339,000 to buy and improve a new house; $7,100 for a deposit on a swimming pool; $5,000 for lawn equipment; $277 for dinner and a movie; $34,000 on lawyers. All within 10 months.

But what angers one family member is that Sherra Robinson Wright, ex-wife of the late NBA player Lorenzen Wright, spent the money from life insurance proceeds a judge said was to support the couple’s six children.

In all, Sherra Wright received a little more than $1 million in life insurance proceeds 14 months after Lorenzen Wright’s still-unsolved 2010 murder. By last September — ten months later — she’d spent $973,000.

That spending, reflected in a recently filed report in Shelby County Circuit Court, has touched off legal battles in two courtrooms for control of what’s left in the estate of the Memphis basketball legend who earned more than $55 million over 14 seasons in the NBA yet died facing a severely restricted income and mounting debt.

Lorenzen Wright played for 12 years in the NBA, for Los Angeles Clippers, Atlanta Hawks, Memphis Grizzlies, Sacramento Kings and Cleveland Cavs.

He appeared in 778 NBA games (447 started), averaging 8 ppg, 6.4 rpg in 23.8 minutes on the court.


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