Words of wisdom from former NBA sharpshooter Mark Price

mark-price-charlotteDespite never reaching the heights of John Stockton, Magic Johnson, Jason Kidd or Allen Iverson, Mark Price is regarded as one of the greats, who spent most of his NBA career playing for the Cleveland Cavs.

Price is now an assistant for the Charlotte Hornets, and he has recently shared some of his collective wisdom with the Oklahomian.com.

“Maybe my NBA career is underrated in a sense from the national media because I played in Cleveland most of my career,” Price said. “But the people in the league and the players I went against, they all knew how good I was.”

“I was voted to four All-Star games and picked for Dream Team 2. So from that sense I don’t feel I wasn’t appreciated. To me, I was always appreciated by the right people, my peers, the coaches. You can’t control the national media,” he said.

Price also recalled his best NBA memory – which was making the Eastern Conference Finals in Larry Bird’s last season.

“We had to knock the Celtics off to get to Chicago. So that was very emotional. Went seven games and gave us a chance to face the Bulls,” he said.

Speaking about his current post with the Hornets, Price said he felt good about the situation and his job.

“At first, I have four kids and a lot of them are at home, so I kinda went more of a developmental coach to shooting coach route to start with because I didn’t want to jump in with both feet,” he said.

“And it kind of progressed to where now I’m on the bench as a full-time coach and hopefully one day take the next step to be a head coach,” Price added.

He also revealed what he would like to do someday.

“No question, anybody that’s ever coached would like to get that opportunity to get that chance one day. If it happens, great. If not, just keep working and doing what I do,” Price said.

Price spent 9 seasons with the Cleveland Cavs, as well as his last three NBA seasons with Washington Bullets, Golden State Warriors and Orlando Magic.

The 6 foot guard averaged 15.2 ppg and 6.7 apg in his NBA career, shooting 47 percent from the field, 40 from 3-point line and 90 percent from free throw line (led the NBA 3 times).

Price appeared in total of 722 NBA games (starting in 578). He was named to NBA All-Star team four times (1989, 1992, 1993, 1994), and also played for the USA Dream Team II.


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