Yao Ming joins Prince William and David Beckham to help rhinos – PHOTOS

yao-william-3Prince William and David Beckham were joined by a former NBA star 7’5 Yao Ming, in order to urge consumers not to buy illegal animal products, Express.co.uk reported.

Yao played 8 years in the NBA – all for the Houston Rockets. He holds career averages of 19 points per game, 9.2 rebounds per game, and 1.9 blocks per game.

He appeared in 486 NBA games (476 started), and was selected to the NBA All-Star team 8 times.

The trio are campaigning against products made from horns and ivory taken from rhinos along with shark fin in their work for charity WildAid.

William, Beckham and Yao met for a photoshoot for the charity.

In one priceless shot William, Beckham stand either side of Ming who dwarfs over them, with the England football legend left craning his neck to see him.

Peter Knights, WildAid’s Executive Director, said: “In the messages the Duke of Cambridge, David Beckham, and Yao Ming will urge consumers to not purchase illegal wildlife products, specifically rhino horn, ivory, and shark fin.

“In one message they specifically talk about their concern as fathers, that future generations will lose these animals unless we can reduce the demand for endangered wildlife products.

“In the second message they show how all the rhinos left in the wild could fit inside just one soccer stadium. We filmed sections in English, Mandarin Chinese, and Vietnamese. We are aiming to air them in November.”




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