Ex-NBA player Carl Herrera shot during robbery in Venezuela, survives

carl-herreraEx-NBA player, former Houston Rocket Carl Herrera has been released from a hospital, following almost a week of treatment for a gunshot wound that he received in an attack, according to Latin American Herald.

The Trinidad-born Herrera has already recovered clinically, physically and psychologically, said the report from Gigantes de Guayana, the team Herrera coaches in the local league.

The club had earlier said that Herrera was in intensive care but did not need to undergo surgery to remove a bullet in his body.

Herrera was shot during a robbery attempt at a restaurant on Margarita Island off Venezuela’s Caribbean coast.

The incident is being investigated by the country’s public ministry and police.

The police investigators said the security forces were on the trail of the armed group that attacked Herrera.

Carl Herrera was the first Venezuelan player to play with Real Madrid in Spain and to play in the NBA with the Houston Rockets, which won the championship in 1994 and 1995.

He also played with the San Antonio Spurs (1995-98), the Vancouver Grizzlies (1998-99) and the Denver Nuggets (1999).

Herrera played 8 seasons in the NBA, appearing in 465 games (started 110), averaging 5.3 ppg and 3.6 rpg in 17.3 mpg.


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