Who is better: Shawn Kemp or Blake Griffin?

kemp-griffinWhen the NBA saw Blake Griffin’s game, a lot of fans started comparing him to former NBA star, Seattle Supersonics’ forward Shawn Kemp, who was explosive, and used to dunk like there was no tomorrow.

And yet, there are analysts, who believe that Griffin has already become better than Shawn Kemp, who was a 6-time NBA all-star, and played for the U.S. Dream Team II in 1994.

Eddie Johnson, a former NBA player himself, played with Kemp back in Seattle, and shared his thoughts on the issue with USA Today.

“I have a quiet love for Shawn Kemp because I played with him as a young player in Seattle,” he said. “And I’ve seen some of the most unbelievable feasts in practices that you would ever want to see. And every now and then he would show it to us on the basketball court.”

Johnson believes that comparison between Blake Griffin and Kemp is distorted.

“Kemp was tremendous on the court, but his production went down because he of his inability to understand how to handle himself off the court,” Johnson said. “That’s where it hurt his career.”

So, who’s better? Johnson gave Griffin the edge.

“Shawn Kemp could’ve been great, could’ve been a Hall of Famer, but didn’t get it done,” Johnson said.

“Being an athlete is to be well-rounded not just on the court, but off the court. Blake Griffin seems to have it figured out. Struggle has been there, but he’s improving… I think he’s evolving into top 5 players in the NBA,” Johnson said.


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