Dirk Nowitzki becomes 15th on NBA all-time scoring list, passes Reggie Miller

novitzki-scoringDirk Nowitzki has passed Indiana Pacers legend Reggie Miller into the 15th spot when he hit a free throw with 2:11 remaining in the first half of Wednesday night’s 123-120 win against the Houston Rockets, NBA.com reported.

Miller, the second-most prolific 3-point shooter behind Ray Allen, scored 25,279 points in 18 seasons with Indiana from 1987 to 2005.

It ended up being a vintage Nowitzki performance. He poured in a season-high 35 points on 13 of 20 shooting, including 14 points in the fourth quarter as the Mavs rallied from 14 down to pull off the comeback victory.

Nowitzki bumped Jerry West down a spot on the all-time scoring list during the Mavs’ Nov. 12 win against the Washington Wizards.

Nowitzki projects to finish the season ninth on the list if he stays healthy and continues scoring at his current clip of 19.3 points per game.

“Dirk doesn’t care about milestones,” Mavs owner Mark Cuban said before the game. “He could care less. Knowing Dirk, he’d stick on 16 for the next two years if we would win games. That’s all he cares about is winning. He really doesn’t care about that stuff.”

The 35-year-old Nowitzki is in his 16th season with the Mavericks. He is the franchise leader in every major offensive category.

Brooklyn’s Kevin Garnett is 14th at 25,340 points after scoring four in a 95-91 loss to Charlotte on Wednesday night.

Nowitzki passed Jerry West for 16th place on Nov. 12 against Washington.


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  1. Dirk deserves to be in hall of fame. He deserves it. He is not Larry Bird, but very good and should be in Hall of Fame some day.