EX NBA coach joins ESPN as analyst

Former NBA coach Flip Sauders has joined the ESPN as a basketball analyst. Sauders has been one of the smartest men in the game and one of the most trusted basketball minds in the world.

ESPN hopes to use his knowledge, as Saunders knows the league he has worked in for 16 years.

According to ESPN, the two sides have reached a multiyear deal. The NBA veteran will “make regular appearances on a variety of ESPN studio shows, including SportsCenter, NBA Coast to Coast, NBA Tonight and other news and information programming.”

In his coaching career in the NBA, Saunders spent 10 years with the Minnesota Timberwolves, where he achieved most of his success. Timberwolves had their best season under Sauders in 2003-2004, when they won 58 games out of 82 regular seasons games.

After Minnesota, Sauders spent 3 years with Detroit Pistons, where he led the team to a jaw dropping record of 64 wins in 82 games during the 2005-2006 season.

Sauders later became the head coach of the Washington Wizards, where he did not gain much success. For his coaching career totals, Flip Saunders coached 1164 games, with 638 wins and 526 losses (54 percent).

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to share the insights and perspective I gathered during my coaching career with NBA fans. I admire ESPN’s NBA coverage, and I’m glad to be part of the team,” Saunders told ESPN.

While Saunders has built up a negative reputation over the last few years because of his lack of success with the Washington Wizards, the game knowledge he has shown throughout his basketball career will make him a vital asset to ESPN’s NBA team.

Before the hopes get too high, the acclimation from NBA head coach to TV analyst is one that many former NBA names have struggled to make.

Saunders has the smarts to fit the role, but is he entertaining enough to keep short segments interesting? That is the biggest question moving forward.

With his basketball I.Q. and his NBA experience, there is no reason Saunders can’t be a great NBA analyst and maybe even save the fans from some of the current ones.


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