Former NBA players finding coaching jobs through CoachUp (exclusive)

coach-up-logoNot long ago, NBRPA (National Basketball Retired Players Association) signed a formal agreement with CoachUp – a unique service that connects athletes with private coaches.

The mutually beneficial relationship will provide paid private coaching opportunities for NBRPA Members, while delivering a number of highly qualified basketball coaches to CoachUp.

It should also be noted that CoachUp founder, Jordan Fliegel, played professionally overseas for team Israel before coming back to the US and founding  the company.

To learn more on the story, ExNBA contacted CoachUp, and spoke to the company’s representatives.

Director of sales at CoachUp, Terry Lee confirmed to EXNBA that the formal agreement with EXNBA has been signed, adding that CoachUp will offer its new members the opportunity to build a private coaching business.

“We’ll provide them VIP service (dedicated account rep, CoachUp swag, media content focused on them as a coach, etc.) and create a find-a-coach portal on the NBRPA website to allow any visitors to book a former NBA player as a coach on CoachUp,” Lee told ExNBA.

“Currently we have about 15 percent of our basketball coaches who have played at the professional level,” Lee continued. “Specifically, former NBA player Samaki Walker is one of our top coaches in the country.”

Samaki Walker played 1o years in the NBA, for Dallas Mavericks, San Antonio Spurs, LA Lakers, Miami Heat, Washington Wizards and Indiana Pacers. He averaged career high 8.9 ppg and 7.4 rpg for Mavericks during the 97-98 season. Walker won the NBA Championship with the LA Lakers in 2001-2002.

Coming back to the agreement with NBRPA, ExNBA spoke with Victoria Barnaby – the Director of Brand Communication as well.

“We just finalized the partnership and we should start to see coach applications from ex-NBA players coming in,” she told ExNBA. “Thus far we have roughly 15 percent of our basketball coaches who played in the NBA, and with this partnership we should very likely see that number increase in the near term.”

Further on, Barnaby explained how CoachUp actually works.

“CoachUp connects each coach with a potential client athletes and the coach will then work with the athlete to find both a convenient location and time to train,” she said.

“For example, Samaki Walker trains out a local gym in LA.¬† In fact, one of our engineers while on vacation booked him for a training session at his gym,” she said, and also presented ExNBA with a photo of Walker, which you can see below:

Barnaby went on to add that each coach determines his or her own rate and really determines the frequency with which he or she would like to take on new athletes.

“Many coaches are training with different athletes multiple times a week,” she said.

When asked about basketball-related events and clinics, Barnaby said that CoachUp will be expanding into this area over the next several months.

“We actually attended our first tournament this past weekend at the TD Garden called the Good Sports Invitational,” she said. “Our team and several local Boston basketball coaches gave us a hand as well chatting with parents and athletes at the event.”

“Former Celtics coach, John Carroll, also was there and we raffled off a private training session with him to a lucky attendee,” she noted. “We’ll be getting more involved in these type of events in the future.”


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