Former NY Knicks draft pick killed as result of gay dating?

michael-wright-knicksA former NY Knicks 2001 draft pick, Michael Wright, has been found dead in his car in Brooklyn (NY), said the police, NY Post reported.

The 35-year old Wright was discovered sprawled in the back seat of his vehicle, covered in garbage bags, with a puncture wound above his left eyebrow, cops said.

The locals said the car where Wright was found was standing parked in the area for three days.

According to Wright’s roommate, the basketball player hasn’t been seen for nearly a week.

The college star was born in Chicago and was a forward for the Arizona Wildcats before being drafted by the Knicks in 2001. Wright never made it onto the roster, and instead played overseas in a number of different countries — including Poland, Turkey, and South Korea.

“He left his French team in February and was planning to go back to Europe and play,” Wright’s cousin, Randolph Berry, told the Chicago Sun Times.

Berry said he didn’t know why someone would hurt his cousin, who on the court was an imposing 6-foot-8 power forward.

Wright graduated from Arizona in 2001 after one of the greatest College careers in the school’s basketball history. He also attended high school with NBA legend Kevin Garnett at the famous Farragut Academy in Chicago.

The New York Daily reported police are investigating the possibility Wright was murdered by someone he met on gay dating app Grinder.

“We don’t know anything about his personal life,” Berry said. “All we know is that he did damage overseas. When he played ball, he destroyed everyone in front of him.”


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