George Karl says he “still got one more stint” left, wants back into coaching

george-karl-coachingFormer NBA coach George Karl has recently said that he has still left something in the tank, and he would like to get back into coaching in the NBA.

In 2013 Karl was named NBA Coach of the Year, after leading Denver Nuggets to 57 wins in the regular season.

Back in 1996, Karl coached the Seattle Supersonics right into the NBA Finals, where the team lost to the champion Chicago Bulls.

Speaking n SiriusXM NBA Radio, Karl said he could still do it.

“I think I’ve got one more stint in me. I would like to try to get to the mountain top one more time. My lifetime goal was always to be a NBA champion and I’ve gotten close a couple of times but I’ve never gotten there. I would hope to give it one more whatever – 3, 4, 5 year stint with some team,” he said.

“If I have the energy, which I think I do right now – I’m probably as energized and as healthy as I’ve been since about 15 years ago – I’m ready to go, just find me a team,” Karl said.

In 2013 Karl also hinted at his desire to get back into coaching again.

It should be noted that the LA Lakers reportedly seriously considered hiring Karl before deciding to bring in Byron Scott.

Karl won over 60 games in a regular season several times. During his six full-year coaching in Seattle, Karl won 63 games in 1993-94, 64 games in 1995-96, and 61 games in 1997-98. Karl won 1131 games of total coached 1887 games (.599 percentage).


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