How NBA stars waste their money off the court

barkley-gambleNBA players are no angels, those with superstar status as well. While they earn quite a lot of money during their playing careers, we’ve already witnessed some examples of how a praised professional athlete can simply flush his hard-earned money down the toilet, once his NBA career is over.

A lot of what is happening with professional NBA players stays “behind the scenes” until someone blows the whistle, or if the news become public and go viral.

The most vivid example would be none other than Michael Jordan. At some point, almost every Bulls fan knew about the other Michael Jordan, the one that couldn’t contain his passion for betting and playing for money.

According to the “Playing for Keeps: Michael Jordan and the World He Made” book, his teammates, Horace Grant and Scottie Pippen also liked to party a lot and have fun.

Pippen even later was reported to lose about $120 million with irresponsible and lackluster financial decisions. That money were not lost due to gambling, but you get the picture.

Another example is quite recent – gifted guard, who only played one season in the NBA, Jay Williams, spoke earlier this year with NY Times, and revealed that some guys on the team used to gamble.

One example that always comes up when we talk about NBA players being unable to control their money is Antoine Walker. The guy was gifted as hell. He could run the floor, rebound, pass, shoot threes and be a leader. And then we found out that Walker lost about $110 million on gambling, bad investments and so on).

Why stick to Walker, take Charles Barkley for example – arguably the best power forward ever to play in the NBA once reportedly lost about $10 million on gambling.

If there’s no way an athlete can contain himself, maybe an alternative would’ve been good. Something like a mobile casino that would only allow a person to waste some time, instead of intentionally going to a casino and spend his money. Many athletes lose their money due to bad investments, others go even lower. Hopefully, they will some day recover.


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