Bulls’ Jimmy Butler beats Michael Jordan’s scoring record

jimmy-butler-michael-jordanEvery record has a certain time limit, some fall early, others stand for a long time. In case with the NBA, legendary Michael Jordan’s records are not easy to break. And yet, one guy did it.

In a recent game against the Toronto Raptors, Bulls’ Jimmy Butler exploded, scoring 40 points in the last two quarters of the game, thus beating Jordan’s record of 39 points set back in 1989.

Before the halftime, Butler’s accomplishments were just two points on 1-4 shooting and a busted lip from a on-court collision. After halftime, he simply took over the game, leading Bulls to a 115-113 victory.

Butler’s 40-point second half stands as a new Bulls franchise record for the highest-scoring half in team history.

After going 1-4 before the halftime, Butler made 14 of 19 from the field and 10 of 11 from the freethrow line.

After the game, Butler reportedly denied that the “spilling of blood” triggered him to get all fired up. Butler said he was “mad” but “aggressive”, dismissing the elbow he received to the mouth.

“It messed my swag up though so I can’t go on a date for awhile,” Butler said.

In any case, Butler can be sure that a lot of girls would agree to go for a date – knowing the busted lip came on a night that Michael Jordan’s record got beat.


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