Lakers welcome Steve Nash to join team, be part of coaching staff

steve-nash-lakersSteve Nash hasn’t played an official game this NBA season, and is dealing with the fact that his NBA career might have come to an end.

Nash played only 65 games in two-plus seasons with the Lakers because of injuries, has not announced his retirement but is in the final year of a contract that pays him $9.7 million this season.

Nash has been away from the team since Oct. 23 when it was announced that he would be sidelined for the season with a back injury. At the time the Lakers said the door was open to Nash staying with the team in some capacity, but he stayed away. But that could change.

“I think so,” Lakers coach Byron Scott said when asked if he thought this was the first step toward Nash returning to the team in some capacity, ESPN reported.

Scott said he would like to see Nash come by the Lakers practice facility and be a part of the team if that’s something he would like.

“He still has to deal with the fact that his career might be over. That’s still something he’s wrestling with. I’m still inviting him to come around here for practice and to join in and just be a part of the team and part the coaching staff. That’s something that he has to deal with and when he wants to and he feels he’s able to do that, whatever time that might be, he’ll be welcome with open arms,” Scott said.

When Scott was asked if three months wasn’t enough time for Nash decide, he smiled and said, “It depends on the person. Obviously for Steve it’s not.”


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