Modern NBA: over $40K per ticket & huge ratings


Despite that nowadays a lot of NBA fans bash the game for being different, softer rules and so on, it seems that the league isn’t losing a lot of revenue over this.

According to ESPN, two pairs of floor tickets to Game 5 of the NBA Finals have sold for big money, over $40K for one ticket.

One person bought a pair of floor tickets for $90,000 total ($45,000 each) on the Warriors’ Ticketmaster resale site, a team source told ESPN.

Another person bought a pair of tickets for $82,000 ($41,000 each).

This is while last year, a fan paid $99,000 on StubHub for two courtside tickets ($49,500 each) to Game 7 of the NBA Finals.


Meanwhile, someone bought the most expensive seats in NBA history, for Game 5 of the NBA Finals 2017 in Oakland, ESPN reported.

A person paid $133,000, including fees, for two floor seats to Game 5 of the NBA Finals at Oracle Arena.

A team source said that a Warriors season-ticket holder sold the seats on the team’s Ticketmaster resale site on Sunday night. With buyer fees at 15 percent, the buyer paid more than $17,000 in fees alone for the pair of tickets.

While the face value of the specific tickets is unknown, some courtside seats for the Finals have a face value of $3,000 each, according to a document sent by the Warriors to fans during renewal time last year.

The average resale price on the team site for Game 5 is $1,731, which is almost 20 percent higher than last year’s Game 5 between the Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers ($1,444).

The site had two other big sales for the most prime seats in the arena – one pair was sold for $90,000, while another was sold for $82,000.

Perhaps one of the reasons the Warriors’ site has been able to produce such high sales is because of security. When a fan buys on the Warriors’ resale site, it generates a new verified bar code that assures the buyer that there aren’t any other people with the bar code that they have.

Fans who are not season-ticket holders had a chance to buy Game 5 tickets on a first-come, first-served basis Saturday. The prices for those tickets ranged from $575 to $975.


Meanwhile, according to Forbes, the first two games of the 2017 NBA Finals put up the highest television ratings since Michael Jordan was winning his last title with the Chicago Bulls back in 1998.

Game 3 in Cleveland then topped each of the first two games and is among the highest-rated games of the modern era.

In fact, it was the second-highest rated Game 3 in NBA Finals history. That dates all the way back to 1991. We are talking the first of Chicago’s six titles under Jordan, which came against Magic Johnson and the Los Angeles Lakers.

ESPN’s Darren Rovell reported on Saturday that the first four games of the Finals represent the highest ratings in the NBA since that Bulls-Jazz series with an average viewership of nearly 19.4 million.

All this spits in the face of the idea that a previously uncompetitive playoffs would continue to lack interest with the Finals themselves starting.


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