Son of former NBA player projected as #1 pick in 2014 NBA draft

mitchell-wigginsEx-NBA player Mitchell Wiggins can be proud. His son, Andrew Wiggins is projected as being the top ranked high school player, and projected #1 draft pick in 2014 NBA draft, brightsideofthesun reported.

Mitchell Wiggins himself played 6 years in the NBA for Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets, and Philadelphia 76ers.

He spent 4 of his 6 years with the Rockets, averaging career high 15.5 ppg in 89-90 season.

In total, Wiggins played in 389 NBA games (135 started), averaging 10 ppg in 20.8 minutes of playing time.

His son, Andrew Wiggins has been called a sure thing and a franchise changer.

Wiggins, is an uber-athletic wing with incredible explosiveness. He leads his Huntington Prep [WV] team in scoring just over 25 points and grabbing almost 9 rebounds per game.

With him reclassifying to the class of 2013, the 6-8 Wiggins replaced Jabari Parker as the top recruit in the nation.

Many feel that Wiggins is the best prospect in the nation, high school and college combined, and that he is a surefire #1 pick in the 2014 NBA draft.


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