Denver Nuggets vs Seattle Supersonics (1994 Playoffs, G2) – VIDEO

perkins-mutomboThe year is 1994, and the Seattle Supersonics went into the playoffs winning 63 regular season games of 82. Denver Nuggets won just 42 (losing 40), barely making the playoffs.

The 8th seeded team vs the best team in the NBA. The Nuggets never stood a chance.

Dan Issel, the Hall of Fame center who was coaching the Nuggets, said at the time: “To be honest, we just wanted to get some playoff experience this year”.

Well they got the experience, all right. After losing first two games in Seattle, Nuggets turned the table. Led by Mutombo, Denver pounded the Sonics 110-93 in Game 3, then pulled out a 94-85 overtime win in Game 4. tying the series.

Then in Seattle, thanks to Mutombo, Laphonso Ellis and Brian Williams, the Nuggets defeated Sonics in the overtime, winning the series 3-2.

Here below is full game 2 of these series. Notable highlights from the game:

– Who would want to play in Seattle? Look at this raging home crowd!
– Mutombo falls down twice during the game (back-to-back)
– Shawn Kemp throws a monster reverse jam on Mutombo, with a foul
– Sam Perkins shoots threes better than fadeaways near the basket
– Seattle’s crowd chanting “Sweep! Sweep! Sweep!”
– Refs had to break players twice to avoid possible fights
– Awful free throw shooting by Seattle
– Meet forgotten Nuggets: Rodney Rogers, Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, Robert Pack, Bryant Stith

Check out the full video of the game below:


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